A Year Has Passed..

Yups.. A year has passed since I started working..
I've been a working girl for a year.. yeaaaaayyy...
I still can't believe that it has been a year since I joined this company.. 
I guess I say this quite often.. Time does fly.. and it flies really fast.. 
Last year I was in Singapore, doing my training back then..
It was my first time being in the compounding lab and did my 1st compounding ever.. 
Hahahaha.. Btw, my mentor hasn't resigned yet, rite? 
The last time I contacted him was like.. errr.. last year.. hahahaha..
Anyway... I guess this really is my first real job..  hurraaayyy...
Well.. so far so good.. I still feel comfortable with the office atmosphere..
Work load is still manageable.. 
Colleagues are nice.. we hang out after work quite often actually.. and no.. not only in the gym..
We go to the movies.. we go out for dinner.. 
Maybe because we're like almost the same age..  I said almost.. ;)
Well.. Happy 1st anniversary to me, the working girl.. ^_^

P.S.: I hope there will be a 2nd anniversary..  ;)


First post in 2013.

It's been such a long time since I last posted sumthing here..
Honestly I really have no idea what to share..
Because my life here is pretty much the same each day..
Well.. sumthing has been different tho since February this year..
So.. my company had this idea of doing sports program..
So some of us were signed up for a gym..
It goes like this.. the 40% of the monthly fee was paid by the company, and the rest has to be paid by us by deducting straight from our monthly salary..
I mean I thought it was a pretty good deal.. since actually I planned to sign up for a gym with my aunt..
At first I thought that it was a good idea, but now.. I really have no idea what was I thinking back then when I agreed to sign up for a gym.. *sigh*
What burdens me is that of course the company gave us some terms and conditions.. hohoho..
We have to go to the gym at least 8 times monthly, otherwise we have to pay for the monthly fee 100%.. O_o
The first month was going smoothly.. I was still excited to join classes and stuff..
But now.. the motivation has gone.. hahaha..
I only go to the gym so that my salary won't be deducted more.. -___-;;
Honestly I still am interested in joining the body combat class..
But.. I just don't like the people who are already regulars there..
I'll write about those people on my next post.. I gotta go now.. I have a date with the NRW-ers..and I'm the only Berliners.. See you later..  

P.S.:This month has only been the second month by the way.. I still have 10 months to go.. Boooo!!


This is somewhat true..

You Think That Intelligence is Glamourous
You find nothing more disappointing than a gorgeous person who is completely vapid. You can't respect anyone who doesn't exercise his or her mind.
There's something incredibly appealing about someone who can speak intelligently about any subject at any length.

You also appreciate people who are well mannered and well behaved. Politeness goes a long way for you.
The most glamourous people you know totally have it together. Allure is never skin deep for you.


I should take up photography..

You Should Take Up Photography

You are often indecisive and conflicted. You see all sides of every issue.
You often prefer to observe than to take a stand. You find it more interesting to notice every detail.

You need to do something to understand it. You learn best with hands-on training.
You notice the little things that others just pass by. You know how to make the mundane interesting.
Blogthings: Learn Something Surprising About Yourself

P.S.: Is this a sign that I should by a DSLR camera? ;p And this result is so me!

I'm elegant.. yeaaay!

You Are Elegant

You are creative and good with your hands. You are naturally an artist.
You pride yourself on having excellent taste in music, movies, and food.

You are detailed oriented - even the smallest things don't escape your eye.
Good at facts and figures, you excel at logical and mathematical tasks.


Yes.. it's 2012 already.. and it's not the end of the world.. yeaaaayyy...
Geez.. I really am such a bad blogger.. -___-;;
So.. where should I start?
I went to my sister.. spent Christmas there..
Then I visited my cousin and her super cute daughter.. Kyoko chan!
Seriously.. Kyoko is such a cutie pie.. awwww... I miss her so much..
I had a small reunion with a friend from junior high.. she and her beau took me around the city.. reminisced about old times..and talked about things..
I had a weekend getaway with Amel unnie and Giscard ahjussi..
Then went back to Jakarta earlier than we planned due to a job interview..
And yes! I finally got the job after like 4 or 5 interviews.. yeaaaayyyyy...
This is my last week of being jobless.. wish me luck people!
Then my mom and I went to the Holy Land..finally..
Long story short.. I actually have a lot to tell.. hahahaha..
But I'm just too lazy to write..
So the next post will be my experience during my visit to the Holy Land..
because it's gonna be quite a long post.. so I don't wanna write it here...
And that's it!
See u soon on the next post!!!

P.S.: 2012 resolution: be a good blogger! *finger crossed*


You are my star...

... I'm your number 1 fan. Baby please, take my hand..
I think I've posted this video before.. but I wanna post it again because..
I miss Epik High so bad.. T_T

Mithra and DJ Tukutz are still in the army.. and Tablo is MIA.. T_T

Epik High - Fan

P.S.: "Some lessons are only delivered in the form of pain" ~ Tablo